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Wasting all your money on useless skincare products? Constantly swayed by skincare product ads that claim that your skin will miraculously become flawless? Disheartened that you haven’t found the right soap for your skin yet? Don’t worry anymore because we have you covered. Each naCH(ə)rəl product is made to pamper and love your skin. Our range of skincare products are made for the softest skin, the most sensitive skin, skin that easily reacts to harsh chemicals – basically it is the softest, lightest soap that is made using only natural ingredients and is completely cruelty-free.

Made using eco, vegan-friendly, and natural ingredients, each natural soap is meant to love your skin like it was made for it. We do not believe in using palm oil, parabens, or SLS’s in any of our products which means that your skin will always be deeply cleansed without the use of any harmful ingredients.

Bringing Products from Our Family to Yours

As a small family-run business, we have learned the art of soap-making through trial and error. Though we acknowledge that it’s easy to buy ‘ingredients’, put them in a mixer, and sell the final product as handmade, vegan-friendly soap, it isn’t a path we like to follow. The joy of soap making is only realized when every ingredient is meticulously chosen and combinations are tried and tested. We have gone through the process several times over before we could launch our range of handmade soap and handmade deodorant. We have studied a lot about soap making, we have relied on the honest feedback of our friends and family to understand what works and what doesn’t.

At naCH(ə)rəl we believe that soaps that lather the body, wash away the dirt and grime, and bring back the luscious glow must be made with love and care. That’s why our range of eco-friendly soap is made for loving your skin.

Caring For You and the Environment

When we make eco-friendly deodorant or vegan soap we ensure that every ingredient is naturally sourced. We use the cold-press method which means that though the process is time-consuming, each soap is made to love the skin. But that’s not all. We also care about the packaging we use and ensure that the soaps are wrapped in sustainable and plastic-free papers. It is our continuous effort to work for the environment without compromising on the quality of soaps and deodorants that we make.

The journey has just started. We have a long way to go. Be our partner while we scale new heights of success in soap making.



Customers Say It Best

At naCH(ə)rəl, we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve formed with our valued customers over the years. We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you and invite you to submit your own testimonial today.

I really love this product, such an earthy, lemony scent and free from any nasties. The packaging is pretty and has a great feel to it, as well as being environmentally friendly. I'll definitely be buying more - probably some as gifts for friends too in future!

Rebecca Freeman

An excellent service and really good products. My items have always arrived safely and very quickly

Quinn Davis

I have been searching for a deodorant that doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin for years! I had almost given up hope until I found their natural deodorant. Not only is it kind to my underarms, it actually works. The beautiful lavender and vanilla scent is the best. Thank you

Sandy Williams



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